Implementation of chat log browser – GSoC Week 2

Last week’s task was to implement chat log browser. It basically required working on three things, namely search API, UI and their integration.

Search API

The first thing I had to do was discuss with mentor and finalize API endpoints. We ended up with only one endpoint.


  • {server-name} is eg. Freenode and it is case-sensitive in search query.
  • {channel-name-without-#} is eg. fedora-admin and it is case-sensitive too in search query.
  • {get-params} All of the below get parameters are optional.
    • message: search term eg. ‘trouble installing Fedora’
    • from: message sent by eg. dne0
    • to: message sent from: rtnpro
    • dateFrom: message was sent after date eg. 1 May 2014
    • dateTo: message was sent before date eg. 10  May 2014
    • page: for pagination

Obviously, all these parameters are first validated before querying from elasticsearch. And then results are returned in JSON format as shown below:

  status: <bool>,
  errors: <array>,
  results: {
    totalCount: <int>,
    perPage: <int>,
    took: <int>, // time taken in milliseconds
    data: <array of objects>

For routing we are using Iron Router, but there are some issues with its server side router. I hope they get resolved quickly so that I can refactor API code and make it look more cleaner 🙂

Search UI

Being a novice in designing and HTML/CSS, I tried not to waste much time on fonts/color scheme and instead focused more on adding possible search fields which user might want to use to narrow down search results. Currently, UI contains option to select channel, search by message and some advance search options like date, from, to etc.

UI & API Integration

Meteor provides a http package for sending asynchronous requests. I have used this package in my code to call API. As written earlier, the results we get are in JSON format, this JSON is rendered on client side using UI.toHTML api of meteor.

callAPI: function (serverName, channelName, getParams) {
  var API_URL = this.getAPIEnpoint(serverName, channelName, getParams);
  Meteor.http.get(API_URL, function (err, body) {
    if (!err) {;
    } else {
      alert('OOPS! An error occured while fetching data.');


With this, the first version of chat log browser is ready. Here is the PR:

Screenshot from 2014-06-04 15:09:15

Screenshot from 2014-06-04 12:45:09

Please note search terms are highlighted. Thanks to elasticsearch’s highlight search terms feature which made it easy to implement.

PS: Any suggestions for improving the search interface or anything else are welcome 🙂

What’s left?

  • Refactoring API code.
  • Authentication mechanism in API.
  • Improving UI.
  • Implementing chat log permalink and bookmarking feature.

<script>JS I love you</script>


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